Here’s What Happens When A 900mph Bullet Rips Through Your Body, Aka What It’s Like To Get Shot

Getting shot is one of those things that every human being can describe but 99.99% of the population can’t describe in detail. We all know that getting shot hurts like hell, can shatter bones and shred your flesh to pieces. Conventional wisdom dictates that getting hit with a bullet often leads to death, but most of us still don’t have a clue what happens when a bullet actually hits flesh.

I would have thought that this is a topic The Mythbusters would’ve tackled at some point, and to a slight degree they did because they often used pig flesh to simulate a human being getting host. However, the YouTube channel Brit Lab took this experiment one step further and used their 4K camera to simulate, in detail, exactly what happens when a human being gets hit with a bullet moving at 900 miles per hour:

And as you bros know I’m pretty obsessed with using GIFs in posts such as this one, so if you scroll on down you can see those action shots once more, but in animated GIF. In the meantime let’s take a look at some of the analysis in the video.

via Metro UK:

Presenter Greg Foot says, ‘Anatomically pigs are a pretty close match to us, which makes them pretty good stunt doubles.
After being shot, all that’s visible is a tiny bullet hole – but by that point, the damage has already been done, the presenters of the BBC’s Brit Lab say.
Foot says, ‘For soft targets like flesh, bullets find it very easy to punch their way through.
‘You’re left with this hole that we can see, but you’ve also had internal damage from your flesh expanding and then falling back in on itself.
It’s even clearer with gelation made to mimic human flesh, Foot says.
Foot says, ‘What the bullet’s doing is that it’s transferring some of its momentum to the gelatin, that results in a temporary cavity being formed.

Now for the GIFs:

Bullet ripping through the flesh of a pig…

A 900mph bullet shredding through gelatin designed to mimic human flesh, giving the scientists an accurate depiction of how flesh reacts to a bullet:

Straight up wrecked. Flesh is shredded, cut, twisted, and stretched. Now imagine that was your flesh, full of pain receptors, and then you begin to finally get an idea of what it might be like to get shot.

[h/t Metro UK]

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