People Are Ready To Stab Each Other Over The Color Of These Flip-Flops

I can tell you what colors these flip-flops are because the manufacturer, Havianas, has already announced the real colors. And I will tell you the real colors below, but first I need you to take a look at these flip-flops and tell me what colors you see.

When I looked at this pic last night for the first time (over on Jezebel) there was no question in my mind that I was seeing Blue-Black. In fact, I thought this was all bullshit and anyone saying they saw another color was just trolling. Then I rolled over in bed and showed my lady friend the pic, asked her which color these flops were and she said ‘gold and white’ followed by ‘oh no, I can’t do this again’. People are still exhausted from arguing over the color of ‘the dress‘ but here we are again, with the same color combination/light trickery:

Havaianas has announced that the true color is Blue-Black, so if you’re seeing White-Gold in here I want you to know that you’re wrong, you’re crazy, you’re probably just trolling, and you need to get your eyes checked. I simply cannot fathom how anyone can look at this photo and see anything other than Blue-Black.

Here is the image Havaianas provided to BuzzFeed, and in this image the flip-flops are clearly b-lue-black:

[h/t Jezebel]

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