This Is What It Looks Like When Piranhas Eat, And DEAR GOD PLEASE DO NOT SWIM WITH PIRANHAS

What piranhas lack in size, they more than make up for in murderous tenacity. And, from what I just watched in this video, they travel in schools of about 45,000. So…good luck trying to survive that attack.

Personally, I’d rather go and butt heads with a shark or a gator than try to stave off a pack of piranhas that are coming at me from all angles and trying to get their share of my tasty flesh. Speaking of such an interaction, here’s how that would go: I would obviously die a hero — we all know that — but I think I’d have to just stand there and hope I died before they gnawed their way through my hands, which would naturally be covering my genitals. Goddamn. I hit the floor when something barely grazes my balls, just thinking about one of these things taking a bite out of them makes me want to die.