Angry, Old White Man Punches Black Woman For Cutting in Line at McDonald’s (Video)

by 4 years ago


All Howard Carl Wilson wanted was some McDonald’s. But standing in his way of a tasty McDouble was an ambiguous merge situation and a black person. When Brittani Thomas didn’t yield like Wilson felt she should, he did what any reasonable person would do: Wait his turn in line.

No, wait. He went Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino on her, now a grizzled old vet needing to defend his turf. Wilson began hurling racial epithets and took a swing at Thomas, hitting her in the face. He was arrested for simple battery and never got his McDonald’s, having fled the scene.

Here’s the video, but first a question. As he’s throwing the punch, does he realize the mistake he’s making? Or is that just an old man with no arm strength trying to throw an uppercut?

[Via Next Impulse Sports]

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