Why Our Generation Won’t Have Any Romantic Stories To Tell Our Grandkids, According To A Bro On Facebook



Tinder is how the millennial generation gets it’s bone on. Technology + swiping through potential dates makes it too easy to quench that thirst to get one’s fuck on without any emotional attachment. It’s so easy that it can even land you in sex therapy. What does this all mean?

Love is dead.


But all those casual, no-strings-attached Tinder hook-ups mean more than just rising STDs. It means funny “how I met your mother” stories 40 years from now, when the millennial generation’s kids start having grandkids. One BroBible reader wrote a pretty hilarious take on what our collective future looks like:

Our generation won't have any romantic stories to tell our grand kids because there pretty much going go like this:Kid:…

Posted by Thomas James Hanger on Tuesday, October 6, 2015

And after it’s all over, the kids will look at you like this:



“You met mom because you were bored one October evening and looked at an app to hook-up some strange?”