Wife With No Chill Destroys Her Audi Q7 In Broad Daylight Because It’s ‘Too Small’

Some people just have no chill. Like that dude who pulled a Johnny Drama and smashed up his $170,000 Mercedes in broad daylight last week with a golf club. This wife in China just joined the zero chill club too by bashing her perfectly fine Audi Q7 in the middle of the street. When the cops come by, they’re just like “yo, we’re not gonna fuck with crazy” and keep their distance.

The story is that the car — a gift from her husband — was reportedly “too small.” I don’t believe that for a second. We all know what this is really code for — Her husband was probably stepping out her with his secretary and this was a gift to sooth things over when she read his texts. I don’t care how rich you are, no man just goes “Hey look, honey! I surprised you with a car as a present without consulting you first!” Her man definitely fucked up.

According to Yahoo, a new Q7 sells for more than $100,000 in China.

[H/T: Next Shark]

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