Wife Draws Up Very Specific Agreement For Waking Her Up, Including A No-Boob-Shaking Clause

No one like getting up at 5AM (unless you’re insane) and that includes the wife of a man on Reddit who had to be woken up at that ungodly hour so she could get to her job and work on a project.

However, she wasn’t taking any chances on just HOW her husband could wake her up so she drew up this hysterical agreement (also good for him to have it in writing too I suppose since he was being the bad guy here).

As you will see, she agrees to not get mad at him (see what I mean) and then drops a very unusual and specific caveat in there that reads, “as long as he does not wake me by grabbing my boob and shaking it.”

Something tells me he’s tried that move before and been the worse for it. *makes mental note*

H/T Elite Daily