Insane Woman Nearly Burns Herself As She Sets Ex-Boyfriend’s Truck On Fire For Unpaid Child Support

by 2 years ago

You can’t dodge paying child support. Not only is it illegal, but it’s so fucked up to not provide for your children monetarily. This woman wasn’t being paid child support by her baby’s daddy, so she took him to court. Just kidding! She tracked him down, went on an insane warpath, and set his car on fire!

We take you to Milwaukee, Wisconsin where this nutjob poured some type of flammable liquid inside the cabin of her boyfriend’s truck. She then nearly self-immolates herself as the truck bursts into flames.

By the looks of her idiotic and unhinged behavior, it appears that the boyfriend made the right choice in getting as far away from this psycho as possible.

I imagine that this gentleman has car insurance, so that means that he will receive a brand-spanking new truck. Meanwhile, this woman will go to jail, get sued by multiple people, lose custody of her kids to this man that she despises, in which case she will then have to pay child support.

Way to think that one through dumbass.

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