Woman Casually Plucks, Eats Dead Bird on Montreal Subway

A woman hops aboard a Montreal subway wearing a bikini and toting a plastic bag. Pretty normal stuff so far. No big deal. Everyone mind your own business.

But now she’s pulling items out of it, one of them a dead bird. Alright, a little weird. Perhaps reason enough to move seats but let’s hang in and see what happens next.

Oh God. She’s plucking the bird! Right here on the subway. Why is she doing this? What a nutcase. This is going to be a great story to tell my co-workers. I can only hope someone is getting this on camera.

She’s not going to eat it, is she? No one would eat a raw bi–OH CHRIST! She is eating the thing.

Time to get the hell out of here.

…The above would be the thoughts of any sane person witnessing this event. Let’s hope their emotional scars will eventually heal.

This is a reminder that the world is full of insane human beings. So, uh, always have a recording device handy.

[H/T: Toronto Sun]