72-Year-Old Woman Who Tried To Cut Off Husband’s Dick Gets No Jail Time

Virginia Valdez, a 72-year-old Palm Springs, California woman who attacked her husband in the most intimate of areas with scissors and will face no jail time for her appalling act of domestic violence.

On Dec. 3, 2011, Valdez was blowing her husband, Cesar Valdez, and excused herself by telling him that she had to brush her teeth. She went to the bathroom, but not for oral hygiene, but rather to get scissors. When she returned to bed the evil, evil devil woman then attempted to cut off her husband’s tallywacker with heavy-duty scissors. Cesar screamed in pain and then drove himself to Desert Regional Medical Center. The affidavit claimed that Valdez required “advanced medical attention” that included four stitches.

Instead of being sent to prison and throwing away the key, Valdez was sentenced to three years probation and 420 hours of community service for her heinous crime. I may be biased here, but I think she got off easy while her lover definitely did not.

Cesar was represented by celebrity attorney Gloria Allred, who released a statement about the assault that has every guy shielding their crotch in protection, “Cesar is left with some resentment against the criminal justice system because he feels that if he had been a woman victim of domestic violence, that the case would not have been permitted to be delayed for so long and that the punishment for Virginia would have been harsher.”

A resilient Cesar, who was 62-years-old at the time of the attack, bravely stood up against domestic violence against men and said, “I am here in front of you today to emphasize that male spouses can also be victims of domestic violence, but in some cases, men are afraid to talk for fear of ridicule or for fear of being labeled as some sort of freak or a wimp.” Preach on my brother!

Do you think that this was discrimination because the victim of domestic violence was a man?