Woman Films Uber Driver Screaming In Her Face To Get Out Of His Car And The Video Is Biting HER In The Ass Now

I’m 100% team Uber driver in this video – while yeah, he’s screaming and turning read and spit’s flying outta his mouth from all directions, this woman is just pissing me off. Why you still in the car? Why won’t you get the fuck out? The Uber driver said that she was not only LATE getting into his car as well as condescending, but that she rushed him during the drive to get to the ER…and yet now they’re at the ER, and this woman who was in such a goddamn hurry won’t even get out of the vehicle. Okay yeah, real emergency you’ve got on your hands if you were able to stop and film this dude having a meltdown.

And while you’d think that most people would side with the passenger, the YouTube comments on the video imply otherwise.

Maybe she should’ve thought twice before uploading:

[H/T Daily Mail]