A Woman Gave Birth In An Internet Café And Then Went Back To Playing Her Game Because #Priorities

So I know what it feels like to get into the groove of your game and not want to stop because you’re on a hot streak, but ew. Babies? Come on. Babies are gross and giving birth is even grosser, but you know what’s disgusting x500? Giving birth in public and then just like, I dunno, letting your vag juices spill out everywhere while you try and snipe bitches in Counter-Strike. Either this lady was flying high on some vikes and didn’t notice that she’d crapped out a child or she was just too invested in concentrating on her game of Words with Friends that she couldn’t be bothered. Both scenarios are pathetic.

A woman continued playing an online game at an Internet cafe after giving birth to a baby girl there, Guang Ming Daily reported.

She gave birth on the floor of the cybercafe by herself on Monday in Nanchang, China.

The other patrons rushed to check when they heard the newborn’s cries. One patron offered the woman warm water to clean herself but she declined.(via)

“Hey lady, looks like you’ve got placenta all over your jeans and it’s beginning to smell like ovaries in here. Wanna go change your clothes and maybe bathe?”

“Nah I’m good, but if you have any Febreeze feel free to spray that shit around like a sprinkler in here.”

I hate people.

Instead, the 24-year-old woman from Shandong insisted on resuming her online game.

Shocked by this, some patrons wrapped the baby with a piece of cloth and called for an ambulance.

According to the woman, she ran away from home after an argument with her family and was supposed to move into her boyfriend’s house.

But she lost her wallet and decided to wait for her boyfriend at the cybercafe.
Her family members and boyfriend rushed to the hospital after hearing the news.(via)

The family and boyfriend should’ve taken the chance to ditch that idiot while they could. Now that they’ve all been reunited they’re stuck. Opportunities like this only come around about as often as chicks give birth in public and then choose to carry on playing their online game (aka never) and you blew it. Maybe knock her up again and when that 9 month mark starts comin’ up dump her off at another café and try again.

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