Woman’s Obsession To Be A Human Barbie Drives Her To Get Breast Implants Larger Than 30J

Meet Blondie Bennett, she has grand aspirations in life. For instance, her core achievement she is so diligently working on to accomplish is to make her size 30J tits bigger. Noble.

Blondie ponders whimsically, “As I got to be a teenager, I started to think to myself, ‘Why can’t I be a real-life doll?'” Oh I don’t know Blondie, maybe you can’t be a doll because you’re a human being and not a slab of plastic? Blondie is trying her darndest to transform herself into a human Barbie doll. She underwent Botox, cheek implants, chin liposuction and five boob surgeries in an effort to look like a doll.

But surprise, surprise, Blondie still isn’t happy after all of her augmentations because her self-esteem is shallower than a kiddie pool. She now wants to enlarge her silicone orbs. She visited Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif from the show Botched in the hopes of enlarging her already engorged bolt-ons.

Despite that her rock sacks weigh over 7 pounds, she still wants to stretch her chest skin even more so she can have a more “extreme” look.

Dr. Dubrow asks her how ginormous she wants to go because her breast implants are already over-inflated by 200 percent and could rupture any second. “My goal is like 3,000 [to] 3,500,” the rocket scientist retorts.

“I have seen so many doctors, it’s crazy,” she admits. “And they all tell me they just won’t put such a large implant in somebody so small.” When unsavory Beverly Hills plastic surgeons refuse your money because it’s not safe, then maybe it’s really not fucking safe.

How does Blondie pay for her unhealthy obsession you ask? Well it’s not by performing brain surgeries, I can tell you that. “Being a real-life doll, I don’t work, but I do have my doll fans who pay for my lifestyle,” Blondie says earnestly.

During the episode of the reality TV show Botched, Blondie visits her hypnotherapist, which is absolutely shocking, who would have thought that a person like this needs a therapist.

Blondie reveals her bizarre compulsion:

“Being a doll, first and foremost, is being plastic, which is why plastic surgery is a big part of my look. I love my breasts how they don’t feel real. I love filling up my lips and my cheeks with fillers and it just feels plastic. It doesn’t feel real.”

Blondie is still determined to reach her ultimate dream. “I just want to look like tits on a stick,” she says.