Woman With No Chill Kills Not 1, Not 2, Not 3, Not 4, But 5 Of Her Boyfriend’s Goldfish

Angela Garcia is like the LeBron James of doing fucked up shit to her lovers. Because when her boyfriend tried to kick her out of his apartment, she took it out on his beloved fish.

Garcia, with the same kind of ambition James had when joining the Heat, didn’t settle for killing just one fish or two fish or a red fish or blue fish (we’ve shifted this analogy from basketball to children’s books; I hope you don’t mind), but all five of her lover’s goldfish.

How? In one fucked up manner. By pouring bleach in the tank.

Man, what the fuck? Them fish didn’t do nothing. And now they are dead. They didn’t ask to be part of your relationship. They just swam.

She also smashed a bunch of shit, including a flat screen TV and some furniture, a rampage that totaled $1,500 in damages.

Garcia was charged with felony animal cruelty, alongside criminal mischief.

Poor fish. Also I guess poor boyfriend. Because he’s out some fish.