This Woman Pissed Her Pants On A Haunted Ride And Now The Theme Park Is Using Her Wet Crotch To Advertise

Spookers Haunted Attraction Scream Park in Auckland, New Zealand prides itself on being scary. Like “You gonna piss yo pants suit” kind of scary. They even say it right in the warning on their website

“It is not for the faint hearted and Corn Evil is definitely not open for children. Come prepared with torches and a change of underwear; you won’t be disappointed.”

One lady — the dame with the wet pants in the photo above and below — didn’t heed the park’s warning before entering their scary maze. Her penance was not only the momentary humiliation of having to spend the rest of her night with a urine target on the front of her trousers, but she also was awarded the prize of having the image of her soiled crotch used by the park to advertise their scary-ass experience. And surprise, surprise, SHE WAS NOT HAPPY. But according to Spookers facebook page, they reached an agreement with her (See: MONEY), “We have talked through the way the photo has been handled, and together we have come to an arrangement that includes an agreement that the photo can continued to be used. We really appreciate her generous gesture to Spookers in allowing this, and have apologised for the embarrassment that she has felt.”