Woman Rejects Guy After First Tinder Date, When He Agrees With Her She Goes COMPLETELY Nuclear

woman rejects guy tinder date texts


As we all know, not every Tinder date results in magic. For many reasons sometimes the chemistry just isn’t there.

Most of us realize this and just chalk it up to experience and move on with our lives not giving it much of a second thought. It happens.

That attitude seemed to be the way this man and woman were going to handle things when the woman texted the guy, Imgur user mwasbabu16, to say, “I really don’t see you as a romantic partner but I hope we can be friends. I hope I didn’t get your hopes up.”

Nice, huh? Civil and to the point.

So did he blow a gasket after being rejected?

Nope. He responded, very reasonably, “No, not at all. I felt the same way, so I’m really glad you said that.”

End of story, right? OH NO. Not even close. This one is just getting started because apparently she didn’t like the fact that HE was also rejecting HER.

Get ready to cringe (and be very entertained)…


NOW, it’s the end of story, right? Not if the folks over on Reddit have anything to say about it…

Suddenly being single, it doesn’t seem so bad. Not bad at all, I tell you.

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