This Girl Rewrote The Tinder Profiles Of The Men She Went On Dates With To Be Embarrassingly Honest

by 4 years ago

Honest Profile

Started by 24-year-old Nathalie Lepaffe, the “Honest Profile” is a project where Nathalie rewrites the Tinder profiles of men she’s been on dates with from the app…except she rewrites them based on her experience with them. As in, how the date went. As in, if you spent the entire dinner date picking your nose and ordered off the kids menu, you probably won’t get a glowing rewrite from Nathalie. According to her Tumblr page where she hosts the project,

I’ve spent way too much time on Tinder and I don’t even like it.
I could ve quit but I’m not a quitter.
I wanted to do something good for the world.
So I’ve decided to actually meet them, and rewrite their profiles after the first date. Their Honest Profile.

How quaint and succinct.

As for the men….well, see for yourself:


Honest Profile