Woman Tries To Save Her Dog From Ferocious Cat Attack, Nearly Kills Pooch Instead

This bizarre video shows a woman nearly killing her dog in an attempt to save it from a vicious cat attack. The intent was goodhearted. The execution was severely flawed. So extremely flawed, the woman practically popped off the head of the pooch.

A cat attacked a dog while it was being walked on a leash by its owner. Instead of picking up the dog or letting go of the leash, the woman inexplicably spun the dog in the air from its neck in an attempt to prevent the cat from getting to the dog.

The dog was like…


The dog made FIVE full revolutions around the woman until she decided to let go and let inertia toss the dog.


In the end, the owner did more damage to the damn dog than the friggin’ cat. The dog was slammed into the pavement several times and was nearly drubbed into the car nearby.

This woman will protect it to death, even if it means she is the one killing it.

But hey, if this whole dog walking gig doesn’t pan out, the woman might be able to compete in the hammer throw event at the Olympics.