This Woman Has Spent Over $144,000 To Look Like A Caricature And Oh Man It’s Not Good

For reference, here is a dumpster:

Now for even more reference, here’s Krystina Butel:


And because we here at BroBible are thorough (lol), here is a side-by-side comparison:

Can you tell which one is Krystina and which one is a dumpster? No? Me neither. I’m glad they didn’t have questions like this on the SAT, otherwise I would’ve gone straight to trade school and be spending my life digging out septic tanks and doing other unpleasant manual labor involving poop. Sure not all blue-collar jobs involve feces, but with my luck that’s where I’d end up. Then again, which would you rather be: a plumber or Krystina Butel, who’s spent over $144,000 to look like a caricature she had drawn of herself over 15 years ago.

‘When I saw the caricature for the first time on holiday, I was jealous of it,’ explains Ms Butel. ‘She was so glamorous. She was everything that I wanted to be.

‘It was like she was holding the carrot out to me, showing me what I could be. Over the years, I’ve spent more and more on beauty treatments and surgery so I can look just like her.’(via)

I know you want to see what this caricature looks like because you’re a sick fuck who likes to make fun of people. Don’t feel bad, so am I! We’re both just two sick fucks who are coincidentally also assholes. So let’s be assholes together and take the plunge into looking at this:


The one on the left is what she originally wanted to look like, whereas the one on the right is a caricature that she had done recently because who the fuck wants to look like the creature on the left…or the right, really. Oh wait, Krystina does. I love when I can answer my own questions!

As for what it would take to achieve that “look,” these are the procedures Krystina has had so far:

  • First boob job at 17
  • Another 4 boob jobs
  • Eyebrow tattoos
  • Lip augmentation
  • Botox
  • Heart-shaped nipple tattoos
  • Permanent make-up for her lips

This woman is willing to blow oodles and oodles of cash on surgery, but can’t be bothered to apply fresh make-up in the morning. The logic checks out: she is an idiot.

The jury is still out on whether or not Krystina will continue to pay for surgery in order to look like a caricature, however she describes surgery as “addictive” and says the feeling before surgery is like “Christmas Eve…I love the sensation of being put to sleep – it’s heavenly.”

So…yeah. We’ll probably see more of Krystina in the future, although I have a feeling she’ll wind up looking more like this sooner rather than later:

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