A 14-HOUR Meeting Forces Woman To Lose Her Mind And Spray Colleagues With Her Breast Milk

A businesswoman by the name of “Karen” was recently stuck in a never-ending, 14-hour meeting at some sort of business conference that apparently took place in either the Ukraine, or the seventh circle of hell.

So what does one do when the torture appears to have no end in sight?

Well, if you’re a woman, you unleash one of your tits and fire breast milk at your arguing colleagues to break up the madness.

I’m not sure what’s better, the fact that people at the meeting were openly laughing at the launched homemade milk, or that the two idiots in the midst of an argument continued to yell at each other like inebriated apes.

But maybe this “gesture” is standard procedure when it comes to the closing ceremonies of a business conference in the Ukraine?

Who knows, but a 14-hour meeting certainly warrants some kind of bodily fluid to be sprayed wildly into the crowd in order to put an abrupt end to the shitshow.

Seriously, FOURTEEN HOURS? Go, Karen, Go!

[H/T DeathAndTaxes]

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