Woman Steals Car, Cop Swings In Front Of Car, Draws Gun, Screams ‘STOP’ But She Plows STRAIGHT Into Him (VIDEO)

Officer Matt Stacy was involved in a police chase this past Friday in Sand Springs, Oklahoma, after officers were notified that 41-year-old Stacy Ann Bunsey refused to pull over after having stolen a vehicle. At one point Matt Stacy attempted to get out of his car to set up tire spikes, however Bunsey just happened to have turned her stolen vehicle around in order to flee and wound up driving straight into Matt Stacy’s car.

‘It was approximately three seconds after standing up outside his vehicle that the suspect rammed his patrol unit,’ Carter said in a press release.

The statement continued: ‘When the officer saw that the suspect was coming at him, he abandoned the plan to retrieve the tire spikes and instead drew his weapon, not knowing of the suspect’s intention to hurt or kill him.’(via)

Officer Stacy reportedly suffered minor abrasions and was treated at a local hospital, while Bunsey “had to be tasered and removed from the vehicle” after impact.

Bunsey faces four felonies, including assaulting a police officer, eluding a police officer, driving under the influence and possession of a stolen vehicle, as well as one misdemeanor count of resisting arrest.

She is currently being held on a $79,500 bond at Tulsa county Jail.

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