This Chick’s Method To Keep Her Boyfriend From Cheating Is Both Brilliant And Insane

Cheating is a part of life. A lot of people do it. Like, A LOT. That sucks, but one woman who went on The Steve Harvey Show has developed a foolproof method on how to know if her boyfriend is being unfaithful.

Now, I’m not going to spoil it for you, but before you watch the video take a moment and think about what you think is the most effective way to keep someone from cheating on you.

You got one?

Good. Me too. Anyone else chose “be awesome and attractive as fuck?”

Now, do me a favor and throw whatever you had in your mind out the goddamn window because this chick still has us all beat.

Steve Harvey’s face said it all…

Who knows if this works (I personally would never volunteer penis to test it out), but even if it doesn’t, at least this chick is forcing her boyfriend to really work for it if he wants to dip his dick into unfamiliar territory. So much so that he’d probably just break up with her before going to great lengths to not get caught. And having them break up with you is all you could really hope for if your significant other wants to bone other people.