Three Women ‘Forced Hitchhiker To Have Sex With Them In Order To Harvest His Sperm’

Hitchhiking is probably never a super idea. You don’t know if your driver is a kindhearted soul or a lunatic serial killer or even a rapist who will sexually assault you to harvest your sperm.

Three women, believed to be driving a white Toyota Cresta, offered to give a man a ride near the city of Bulawayo, in southwest Zimbabwe. The eager gentleman jumped at the chance and was happy to get in the vehicle with the women. But instead of dropping him off at his destination they drove him to semi-rural area and they forced him to have sex with them. Not for their pleasure, but rather to steal his man chowder. The splooge is used in traditional luck-enhancing ‘juju’ rituals.

Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Precious Simango said, “One of the women used a condom while the others had sex with him without protection. They then took away his semen before dumping him.”

After the “sperm collectors” milked the poor man for his seed, they dumped him at the side of the road.

There are locals who have told of these crimes before, where victims are drugged or threatened with guns or knives, given a sexual stimulant and forced to have sex repeatedly before being discarded.

If this story sounds familiar it is because a similar crime was committed in 2011 by three sisters. Police found 31 used condoms in their car. The women were charged with 17 counts of aggravated indecent assault, because a woman raping a man is not a criminal offense in the country. The Nhokwara sisters have claimed that they were merely hard-working prostitutes. The semen-stealing sisters remain on the loose in Zimbabwe.

Be vigilant my friends and watch out for those semen demons.