Chicks With A Ton Of Guy Friends Have Way More Sex Says This Study From The Dept. Of ‘Duh’

Girl With Guy Friends


According to a new study, chicks with several male friends have way more sex than women without male friends.

No, they don’t bang their buddies, they have more sex with their boyfriends. It’s because bros are trying to compete with all that dick.

The study — published in the Journal of Comparative Psychology — finds that men often perceive their female partner’s abundance of male friends to be a form of “sperm competition psychology,” in which the men have more sex with their girlfriends due to the potential of “sex rivals.”

The Oakland University study of 393 men in committed, sexual, heterosexual relationships found that human males – just as in nonhuman males – have more sex with their partner when they perceive that their female partner has an excess of male friends posing a “sperm competition risk.” This was made more evident when men perceived that their female partner was considered sexually attractive to the male “sex rivals” in her social circles.

If this is true of your relationship, it’s perfectly natural — the researchers explained that “the biological urge for sperm competition is not an unhealthy element of a relationship and is instead simply a subconscious part of ‘human nature.'”

Alright, so if she’s having all that sex with her boyfriend AND her friends, when does she have time to go to class?

H/T Washington CBS Local

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