This Women-ONLY Sex Club Seems Sexist

Skirt Club, Australia’s first women-only sex club has opened. The club, which caters to bisexual and bi-curious women, offers raunchy private parties to women only. It is the second of it’s kind, the first popped up in London.

The club announced an exclusive performance by burlesque dancer Veronica van Doom AKA Vegas Heart at the party which is to be held in a secret location.

Guests must be females and have girl-on-girl interests. Men are banned entirely. You can ONLY go to these parties if you have a vagina? Seems sexist. Why so focused on gender? What if on this particular day I just so happen to identify as a woman. Can I mosey on into the Skirt Club and take a peek? Probably not.

Here’s what typically happens at a Skirt Club party:

There is a typical sequence of events. Guests are welcomed and introduced to each other by a hostess, who presents you with a glass of champagne and cocktail menu to peruse. The evening’s entertainment will open with a performance (for instance a suitable, saucy burlesque number) which serves as a little ice breaker. This is followed by a guest speaker who presents on a subject related to our evening’s theme. In the past we have covered ‘the art of kissing’, seduction and female orgasm… 😉

Wait. There’s classes and talking and feeling and shit? Fuck this. Forget the whole sexist thing I brought up. You broads can have your sex club. I’m heading to my local strip club Eruptions to drool at stare up into a woman’s birth canal as I drink a $14 Jack and Coke.