Women Protest Donald Trump At His Polling Place By Taking Off Their Clothes

In this great nation allows for the petition of the government for a redress of grievances. However, you are barred from protest within 50 feet of a polling place, partisan political speech and activity in most states and 100 feet in the state of New York. These ladies attempted to protest Donald Trump at the same polling station where the Republican presidential candidate later cast his vote. The breast protest involved chanting, anti-Trump messages and they took their clothes off. I went to the wrong polling place today.

The feminists screamed, “Out of our polls, Trump. Out of our polls, Trump.” Plus they used their naked stomach and chest as billboards for their messages that said, “Trump grab your balls” and “Hate out of my polls.”

My vote is for sideboob.

Many polls were just raised with the titillating display.

They were immediately arrested and booked for misdemeanor electioneering for displaying signs supporting a candidate at a polling place.

The topless protesters were identified as Tiffany Robson of Seattle and Neda Topaloski of Montreal.