Women Confessed To The Weirdest, Grossest Places They’ve Had Sex And Really? Sex In A Dumpster?

When the mood strikes I guess it doesn’t matter where you are when you REALLY want to have sex.

At least that was the case at some point in the lives of 25 women in their twenties who were asked by Cosmopolitan where were the weirdest and grossest places they’ve had sex?

Here are some of the best, or worst, as the case may be, answers they gave…

1. “I had sex in a children’s playground. Afterward, we carved our initials into a tree that was intertwined in the playground.” — Michaela, 22

2. “A children’s playground in the middle of the night. Started on the swings, moved to the plastic dinosaur thing, finished doggy-style on the slide.” — Sierra, 21

3. “At my parents’ wedding. It was held at our house, and it was my first time seeing my boyfriend after four months abroad. We snuck up to my room while everyone was partying, but I guess I didn’t fix my hair well enough because everyone knew — including my dad. I still feel weird to this day, and it’s been two years!” — Hannah, 23

4. “I once broke into an abandoned home and had sex for the first time on Easter Sunday, overlooked by a bunch of baby Jesuses in some child’s room. Most sinful Easter ever.” — Sara, 22

5. “In the personal bathroom of my boyfriend’s friend’s apartment while the friend stepped out for an errand.” — Nicole, 22

6. “A porta-potty at an outdoor concert.” — Elisabeth, 21

7. “At a graveyard. It was on the burial site of my boyfriend’s dead grandmother.” — Fatima, 23

8. “Wendy’s dumpster. I was drunk, ick.” — Lauren, 21

9. “On a dirty floor underneath a bed. Saw a few gross bugs and such down there.” — Taylor, 22

10.“I had sex on top of a Starbucks roof.” — Katie, 22

Oh, you wacky Millennials. You’ll have sex just about anywhere, won’t you?

Check out the 15 other bizarre, and in many cases, disgusting answers over at Cosmopolitan.

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