Wool Farmer Sticks It To PETA’s Disturbing New Ad In The Most Incredible Way Possible

For holding such grudges against the fashion industry for their use of fur and wool, the folks at PETA sure have a novel way of showing it. Like, doesn’t the animal blood they dump on people’s fur coats have to come from somewhere…and how can they not realize that humans have been using animal fur to maintain some semblance of warmth for thousands of years?

Hey, I don’t really know, and I’m not really here to argue their logic one way or the other. I’m all for the humane treatment of animals, and I’m merely here to show you a fantastic response in the face of PETA’s anti-wool campaign, because it’s going viral all over the interwebs and who doesn’t love a great sweater?

A short while ago, PETA released a (disturbing) ad campaign depicting a naked Joanna Krupa holding a severely maimed baby lamb because I guess they think this is the best way to combat the wool trade.

However, in PETA’s ad, they make the assumption that every wool farmer mistreats his lamb and sheep in this manner – something that obviously isn’t true. That’s why photographer Jacqui Bateman released the below photo that she took of her friend Daniel Telfer, a wool farmer, back in 2010.

Succinctly, it’s the perfect response to PETA’s advert.

Opposed to a sheep covered in blood and beaten, the photo shows Telfer gently shaving the animal, all the while just as naked as Joanna Krupa in the picture above. The two were posted to Facebook side by side earlier this month, and have since racked up close to 5,000 shares.

Originally, the picture of Telfer shaving the lamb in the nude on the family farm was meant as nothing more than a gag between a few friends. But now, it’s become a statement for wool farmers everywhere, who do, in fact, treat their animals humanely and with respect.

On a totally related note, look how cute this baby wolf is…

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