You’ll Never Guess What Day The Word ‘F*ck’ Was Used The Most In 2016 (You Totally Know What Day It Is)

We like to say that no fucks are given or IDGAF.

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But in reality, there were a lot of fucks given in 2016, like nearly a billion. To be exact, there were 946,158,697 fucks given in 2016 on social media. According to research by Paul Stollery, we spit an average of 2,613,698 “fucks” every day this year.

Whether it was the Syrian war, a celebrity death, or terror attacks, 2016 seemed to be a year where many people felt the need to cuss. However, the numero uno reason for fucking cursing up a storm was obviously the 2016 presidential election. On November 9, there were 7,638,384 fucks given — nearly three times the average. The second highest day only saw 3,518,781 mentions of the word fuck.

So who were those nasty words directed to? The top person was to “Fuck Local Hotties” thanks to all the fucking spambots. After that people said “Fuck Donald Trump,” with “Fuck Hillary” and “Fuck Obama” not far behind.

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And when it came to dropping F-bombs, it was the ladies who had the potty mouths.

Do you gals kiss your mother with that mouth?

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