World War II Vet Visits Uses VR For The First Time And Visits The Town In France He Helped Liberate In 1944

by 1 year ago

This hits right in the feels. In 1944, 91-year-old D-Day veteran Frank Mouqué helped liberate the town of Armentières in Northern France, near the French-Belgium border. To show the raw, emotional power of VR, Twine gave Mouqué a VR headset to do a virtual visit with the town, who paid him the ultimate tribute — school children sang the town’s song, the mayor honored him with the town’s highest honor, and local residents talked about D-Day when the Allied forces arrived.

It’s a powerful video. As VR tech gets more and more realistic and impactful in day-to-day life, let’s hope we see more awesome uses for it like this one.

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