People Confessed The Worst Drunk Texts They’ve Ever Sent And You’ll Cringe Just Reading Them

We’ve all been there, drunk and about to send a text that we probably shouldn’t. You think to yourself (sometimes), “Hit send or don’t hit send?” These people hit send and lived to regret it.

Of course the worst part of sending out drunk texts is that sinking feeling you get when you wake up the next morning and realize what you’ve done. You don’t even want to look at your phone because you know there will be, in all likelihood, a reply on it that will make you cringe.

So just imagine what these folks who shared their regrettable drunk texts on Reddit had to deal with the next day.

Let these serve as a reminder that drinking and texting do not mix. Be safe out there.

I was drunk at my friends house party. I found a phone on the floor, and decided to take a pic of my dick and send it to the person’s mother. next day, when i sobered up, My mom asked me “why did you send me a picture of your dick?” ~ awais66

I got drunk one night a few years ago and blacked out. Woke up to find I had had a conversation with my ex-girlfriend who I hadn’t spoken to in a year. I have since gotten a new phone but here are some of the highlights I remember:
Me: *sends picture of a duck* lol us
Her: It’s been a year, Mellow, what the hell do you want?
Me: I took the midnight train going anywhere
Her: We were so good together. Why did you have to break my heart?
Me: I couldn’t stand your damn “I’m attracted to trees” phase
Me: Fine, be that way, potato.
*20 minutes later*
Me: Lol this movie is backwards
Her: Are you drunk?
Me: A little bit. I’m watching this cool movie called Mento’s you want to come over?
Her: I live five states away
Me: Lol okay bye
I never spoke to her again. ~ MellowMocker

Texted some girls mom, “hey” thinking it was her. Mom texted back “hey tupnado21, this is her mom.”

To which I replied, “that’s okay you’re hot too.”

Regrettable pause… No response…

Panic text follow up,

“I mean, I think you’re sexy for an old lady!” ~ Tupnado21

Once I asked a girl if she would eat my cum. After she turned down the offer, I said “Fine, more for me.” ~ myheartreddit

I somehow managed to mass text everybody on my contacts list “Where are you?”, at 2:30am.

I woke up to a shit load of texts, and tried to figure out how it was even possible I did it, then I accidentally resent it again to everybody. ~ reammachine

Ate 3 boxes of peeps on Easter and took the nastiest shit. Tried texting a pic to my group of guy friends but instead sent it to the girl I had been dating for 3 weeks. 2 years later she still brings it up. ~ Hollinator007

It was like 3 am and I was chilling with my fraternity brothers. We were schmacked out of our minds and I decided to text my ex girlfriend who I broke up with (she wanted to get back together). I said hey and she immediately texted back hi. To which I replied

“Siiiiike” and never texted her again.

She was not a happy camper. ~ HuntingSpoon

“My dad’s totally gonna know I’m drunk and high” sent text to my dad… He responded, “I do now, you dumb ass.” ~ D_rotic

“I love your tits”

Sent to my Mum.

Guys, if you’re sexting a girl while drunk, make sure her name doesn’t start with “L” or “N” – they’re way too close to “M” for “Mum”.

Damn you for making my life awkward Naomi. ~ Maccas75

Wanted to get some tail and decided to text two girls instead of texting them separately I texted them together in a group chat… in the group chat they both texted “who’s the other person in this chat?” I didn’t answer and went to sleep. ~ crizza0309

“Yo you’re really cool and all but someone couldn’t pay me enough money to fuck you”

Sent to my very close friends girlfriend. ~ SpyderCompany

I was high, but i sent a picture of the fried chicken i was about to eat to my mom saying “look at this delicious fucker right here, lol no chicken for u.” ~ RatHead6661

Got home from a long night of partying in my early 20’s. Grabbed my phone and decided to hit up the ex-gf for some regretful drunken sex. I sent a pretty descriptive text to her ‘ Hey. I want you. I want to blank your blank, flip you around and blank you in the blank and then blank all over your blank’ etc etc. Get a text back ‘I don’t think that’s legal, son. Go to bed’

tl;dr — texted my mom for disgusting drunken sex. ~ Moufassah

Thought I was texting my wife to come get because I drank to much and was throwing up. Nope it was a coworker. ~ A3rdAcct

And finally…

Not me but one of my brothers.

Our mate slept with an absolute horror who had a reputation for being dirty. My brother meant to send him a text saying “did she take it up the arse”. Instead of sending the text to Dan, he sent it to Dad.

My Dad replied “There are at least three times she didn’t”. I have two brothers. ~ moviemana

Check out the rest of the bad idea drunk texts over at Reddit.

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