Worst Marriage Proposal Ever Causes 3 Buildings To Be Evacuated After Crane Collapses

You want the girl of your dreams to remember every moment when you get down on one knee and ask her to be your wife til the end of time. But this gentleman went a bit too far in making a notable marriage proposal that she will never forget.

We take you to Ijsselstein, Netherlands where one hopeless romantic thought it would be a swell idea to erect a crane outside his girlfriend’s bedroom window on Saturday morning. He would float down to play a song and then pop the big question. Sounds absolutely magical. What girl could say “no” to an elaborate and whimsical production such as this?

Well she nearly didn’t get a chance to say anything but “AGGGHHHHHHHH!” That’s because the crane collapsed and smashed the roof of the building. The fallen crane caved in a neighbor’s roof.

Then the crane fell again during attempts to bring it upright with a larger crane, once again bashing the neighbor’s roof. The buildings were declared unsafe and six apartments were evacuated.

However it’s not all home-destroying sadness, because SHE SAID YES!!! That’s right after nearly killing her with a crane, she will spend the rest of her days with this man. The couple are pretty smart, after speaking with the police, they quickly ran away from their angry neighbors celebrated their engagement by going to Paris.