This Could Be The WORST Robbery Attempt Ever Caught On Camera

If you want to know how NOT plan a robbery then watch this would-be thief’s failed attempt to break into a liquor store.

Two geniuses decided to use sledgehammers to break down the concrete wall of the Bellagio Liquor Store in Detroit so they could steal some goodies. Smart plan so far, right?

Oh wait, there’s a whole bunch of plywood, trash cans and crates of wine piled up right in front of where they must have worked their asses off making that hole. Should have just stopped there and given karma it’s due. But no, one robber will not be denied!

After much pushing and shoving he manages to force his way through the wall and victory! Oh wait, the storage room’s door is locked! No way to get into the liquor store. Dammit, foiled again? No, sir, keep trying.

Break the door down, you say? Why, yes, just use that sledgehammer… oh, he doesn’t use the sledgehammer… instead he tries to find something else to break down the door with, but, alas, he once again fails. And then gives up, leaving through the hole in which he entered.

Hang on, one more problem. In all the chaos he left his watch behind.

So it’s liquor store: +one watch, burgler: zero.

If this isn’t the worst robbery attempt ever caught on camera it certainly deserves a place in the top 10.

H/T Happy Place