Watching How This Kid Pulls Out His Tooth Makes Me Squirm (And Glad I’m Still Not Hunting For Tooth Fairy Cash)

Man, being a kid was fucking great, wasn’t it? You would get chased by girls on the playground, could get away with eating pretty much anything you wanted without consequence and, maybe more importantly, you’re so innocent that you don’t really know what can actually hurt you.

That last little nugget is what a young Seattle Seahawks fan named Leo Devereaux proved during a recent tooth-pulling stunt that has me squirming.

During the Hawks game last week against the Carolina Panthers, young Leo wasn’t yanking out his teeth from frustration, he was doing it so that he could score some money from the Tooth Fairy, throwing a fucking football with a string attached to it, which was tied around his tooth, to yank that sucker out.

The bold move even impressed Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson, who tweeted to the kid a short message.

On the flip side, people may wonder why Leo’s parents were so open to him doing something like this but, fuck that, it toughened little dude up a bit, so kudos to them!

[H/T SB Nation]

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