YouTube Troll Nicole Arbour Now Has A Cringe-Worthy Rant About Plus-Sized Models In The Swimsuit Issue

Everyone has their claim to fame. For Internet provocateur Nicole Arbour, it’s insisting on being a YouTube troll who shames people over their body image. She has 300,000 YouTube subscribers (is the “hate” subscriber a thing yet?), so she’s isn’t leaving the Internet zeitgeist any time soon.

Her latest rant is a “Dear Fat People 2,” but now taking aim at the plus-sized models in the 2016 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. She tries to attack Ashley Graham for having her pics Photoshopped, but the problem is that the use of Photoshop in high quality magazine pics makes sense. It’s a glossy magazine photoshoot, not a #nofilter on Instagram, which Ashley already does a killer job with.

It sucks that people like Nicole Arbour try to knock positive, inspiring role models like Ashley Graham down. Fortunately, those who take the high road ultimately prevail in life:


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