EntreX Chip Dispenser lets you eat Pringles with style


The Pringles can, originally intended for tennis balls according to Mitch Hedberg, can be a tricky bitch from which to eat. A new device delivers the chips right to your fingertips so you don’t have to break your wrist reaching for the bottom half.

“EntreX Chips Dispenser is your new best friend in front of the TV! SNAP N’ SNACK!!!!” While I appreciate the manufacturer’s enthusiasm, I’m not sure I need a giant snap bracelet in order to eat chips. For one thing, I have lady fingers and can pretty much reach the bottom of the can. For another, there are plenty of other free ways get to those precious the chips. They may not looks as cool as an oversized silicon bracelet, but they’re just as effective. Then I saw this next picture, with which it’s tough to argue.


Look at how awesome that guy is. Plus it specifically says the chips are tasty, and that’s exactly how I like my Pringles to be. Unfortunately the EntreX Chip Dispenser doesn’t appear to be actually for sale, so you’ll just have to use one of those free and easy methods I mentioned early. It will probably look pretty familiar.

Greasy-fingered tip of the cap to Gizmodo for finding this gloriously unnecessary product.