Putting Doritos In Your Pepper Grinder Is As Genius As It Sounds

For those of you who aren’t exactly creative kitchen creatures, like me, here’s an outstanding and easy way — a very cheap one, I might add — to improve the taste of the already delectable things in life, like popcorn:


Holy shit. How is something like this not already “a thing”? A very popular “thing”? The possibilities are endless, especially since there are currently 9,000 different kinds of Doritos. But it most certainly doesn’t have to end with Cool Ranch Doritos raining over each and every meal.

Grinding M&M’s over a bowl of ice cream sounds pretty fun. And so does grinding Cinnamon Toast Crunch over buttery toast, as the video above demonstrates. Or crushing up some salt and vinegar chips onto a plate of buffalo wings. Or whatever the fuck it is that tickles your food fancy.

Another day, another gateway to fatness that will certainly lead to more inventive gateways to fatness. But it is the holiday season, so embrace that shit. Remember, cardio doesn’t technically start until January.

[H/T Skillet]