Gabriel Iglesias Talks About His Drunk Order At Jack In The Box In Legendary Fashion

gabriel iglesias jack in the box

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Gabriel Iglesias joined The Brilliantly Dumb Show to discuss the upcoming release of his show ‘Mr. Iglesias Part 3’ on Netflix. Iglesias is one of those comedians that is open to any type of discussion no matter how absurd the topic may be.  

I have heard Iglesias go on the record to say that Jack In The Box is one of his favorite fast food places out there. Being the fast-food connoisseur that I am, I couldn’t help but challenge him on that statement as I think fast food joint is sub-par at best. 

You said one of your favorite fast-food spots is Jack In The Box, when you think about Jack In The Box there is so many damn items on the menu, don’t you worry that they have to focus on so many items to where they can’t perfect 3-5 items, I asked.

“Oh no trust me, they have managed to perfect at least 3-5 items. Their staples over the years have been like for example, the bacon cheeseburger, the sourdough jack, the bacon cheddar potato wedges, stuffed jalapenos, they got really good egg rolls.” 

Iglesias then had the perfect answer that we can all relate to when asked what the average bill looks like when he rolls through a Jack In The Box drive thru. 

“What is the total on that bill Fluffy? Just you alone, you by yourself at Jack N The Box, on a regular night, whats the total damage?” 

“Drunk or Sober,” Iglesias said. “Thirty-six dollars drunk, sober I think I can get out of there with about $17.” 

What an incredible response from the legendary comedian. We have all been through our fair share of drive-thru’s in our day. And we all know damn well that your regular fast food order is a totally different order when you have a couple of drinks in your system.