Adventure Runner Jason Hardrath Talks Escaping Death, Mental Resets And Chasing ‘Fastest Known Times’

On this week’s episode of “We Run This,” we’re talking to adventure runner and climber, Jason Hardrath.

In 2015, while in the best shape of his life and the middle of training for an Ironman, Hardrath had his professional, athletic, and personal life “reset to zero.”

“In 2014, I had this amazing storybook year in running. The big goal was I wanted to be ready to qualify for KONA, the full Ironman championship in 2015.

On the first Sunday of May, I went for a 142-mile bike ride and was in such good shape that it felt like a casual ride. I got off the bike and went for a run and afterward, my body was like ‘whatever.'”

Two days later, Hardrath was involved in a terrible car accident. He rolled his car over and was ejected through the windshield.

Statistically, Hardrath should be dead.

He suffered two fractures in his shoulders, nine broken ribs, a collapsed lung, and completely shredded the LCL and ACL in his right knee.

In this talk, the Oregon native explains that he went from a feeling of invincibility to a hard reset of everything he’d done in his life up to that point.

The adventure runner also discusses his mindset during the incredibly heartbreaking setback, how a doctor told him in the days after his injury that he’ll never compete at the same level again, taking what the doctor told him personally and his current quest to 100 fastest known times in running.


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