Writer Oliver Bateman Explains How The Pumped-Up Wrestlers Of The 90s Affected A Generation Of Men

Oliver Bateman Not About Wrestling

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Welcome to another episode of “Not About Wrestling.”

This week, I’m talking to journalist, lawyer, historian, and strength athlete, Oliver Bateman.

Oliver has produced content for a wide range of publications, including VICE, Vox, and The Atlantic, as well as wrestling-focused content for The Ringer.

When he’s not covering professional wrestling, Oliver is the co-host of the popular political podcast, “What’s Left?”

In this episode, Oliver and I discuss his early days as a wrestling fan, how he got involved in bodybuilding and powerlifting at a young age, the recent issues with wrestlers threatening to unionize, and his work on a cultural study about the hyper-real male bodies of the 20th century and their effects on the average guy.

Oliver is incredibly articulate and well-read and I really enjoyed talking to him about the long-term mental effect our gassed-up, greased-up wrestling heroes had on men our age.

So let’s jump right in.

Ladies and gentleman, entering the podcast, originally hailing from Scenery Hill, Pennsylvania, this is Oliver Bateman.


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