Scientific Study Claims Tall Husbands And Short Wives Have The Best Marriages

by 1 year ago
Tall Husbands Short Wives Best Marriages


A recent scientific study makes the bold claim that tall husbands and short wives are the happiest and have the best marriages. Whether you believe that or not is up to you. At the very least, this study did provide some possible reasons for why they make that claim so it certainly can’t hurt to check it out.

According to the almost 8,000 wives who participated in the study, the bigger the height difference, with the man being taller, the happier the women claimed to be. However, they also stated that the longer they were married the less they felt this way, and at around 18 years of marriage it was no longer a factor.

So why did these women say that their tall husbands made them happier? That’s the key question here, isn’t it?

Tall Husbands Short Wives Best Marriages Study

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