Is This A Baltimore Rioter Getting The Shit Slapped Out Of Him By His Objecting Mother On Live TV?

According to several sources, this is a mom slapping some sense into her son, who may or may not have been involved with the riots in West Baltimore on Monday afternoon.

The way he’s getting hit certainly suggests that he was up to no good, and the fierceness of the blows correlate pretty well to a mother who just lost her mind (not that we condone hitting a child, ever, even if they are being out-of-pocket, riotous, and burning down city blocks).

If it does prove to be this kid’s mom, well, all I can say is we could use a few more mothers like her in Baltimore right now to take a stand against some of the violent, out of control looting unfolding as we speak…

Some men just want to watch the world burn, I guess.

h/t Karla H.