While You Were Eating Hot Dogs And Chugging Beer These Bros Were Reeling In This 1,254-Pound Blue Marlin

On Friday the Big Oh Sportfishing team from the Cape Verdes Islands reeled in what is the 4th documented ‘grander’ (fish weighing over 1,000 pounds) of the year after they brought this 1,254-pound blue marlin to the scales. Upon reaching the scales and seeing this blue marlin tip the scales at 1,254-pounds the captain and anglers realized they’d just caught the 9TH LARGEST ATLANTIC BLUE MARLIN IN ALL OF RECORDED HISTORY.

This 1,254 pound blue marlin was caught by Big Oh Sportfishing after they teased this gargantuan blue marlin up to the service using a Black Bart Breakfast, before swapping the lure with a bonito (member of the tuna family). The 1,254-pound marlin then feverishly ate the bonita bait and the fishing team from Big Oh settled in for a marathon FIVE HOUR BATTLE against the fish, before getting it into the boat and off to the scales.

Here’s the massive 1,254 pound blue marlin caught by Team Big Oh Sportfishing on July 3rd:

The Cape Verdes Islands are a mid-Atlantic island chain located off of Africa but far out in the Atlantic Ocean in a stretch of water where the warm water current pushes millions of gallons of warm water up the west coast, attracting bait fish and pelagic predators alike. With yearly average temps in the upper 70’s and lower 80’s, the Cape Verdes Islands are a bucket list fishing location for any serious fisherman in the world, as they produce some of the largest blue marlin caught year round.

Curtesy of Stuart Simpson

Posted by Big Oh Sportfishing on Sunday, July 5, 2015

Upon weighing this massive blue marlin and seeing it tip the scales at 1,2540-pounds, the Big Oh Sportfishing team realized they had just caught the 9th largest Atlantic Blue Marlin IN ALL OF HISTORY. According to GranderWatch.com, the fish was caught on an 80W set up with 100-pound-test line, meaning they managed to catch this friggin’ dinosaur blue marlin on a set up designed to catch significantly smaller fish. Which makes sense, because when you’re out in the blue water fishing for pelagics you’re never reeeaaaaalllyyyy expecting to catch the 9th largest Atlantic Blue Marlin in history. Before getting to more pics of this fish-of-a-lifetime, it is worth noting that I keep harping on the word ‘Atlantic’ because often times the Pacific Blue Marlin outgrow their Atlantic brethren.

Now for more pics of this 1,254 pound blue marlin:

Curtesy of the BillfishReport.com!

Posted by Big Oh Sportfishing on Friday, July 3, 2015

Curtesy of Captain Zak Conde

Posted by Big Oh Sportfishing on Friday, July 3, 2015

Curtesy of the BillfishReport.com

Posted by Big Oh Sportfishing on Friday, July 3, 2015