Don’t Look At This Times Square Billboard If You Don’t Want The 2015 Royal Rumble Absolutely Ruined


Remember during the height of the Monday night wars when WCW used to reveal the winners of the Raw main event because Raw was taped and Monday Nitro was live? It was a dick move for fans of both and actually made the WCW look like little bitches.

When the WWE bought out WCW, they must have also bought that spoiler idea, and they do it with their own PPVs. Not on purpose but the WWE has a way of ruining the outcome of major events with bus wrappings, leaked posters and other advertising material. The results of this weekend’s 2015 Royal Rumble were ruined this week when a billboard for Wrestlemania went up in Times Square.



If this poster is correct, Brock Lesnar walks out of the main event at the 2015 Royal Rumble the champion and Roman Reigns will be the winner of the 2015 Royal Rumble match. Now, people will yell “swerve!” as if the WWE is doing this to make people think they screwed up but for the amount of money needed to get an ad in Times Square and the number of eyeballs who see the ads, that’s an expensive swerve for a company bleeding money to pull.

This billboard also assumes Brock Lesnar is sticking around and not going back to the UFC after the 2105 Royal Rumble. That’s spoiled news I wouldn’t mind hearing. And obviously Sting and Triple H in the background mean those two are going to be involved. Probably against one another.

Of course, plans could change. It’s the WWE. Sometimes it feels like they don’t even actually make plans.

UPDATED: It’s a fake.

[H/T: With Spandex]