Here’s The 2015 Week 2 NFL Thursday Night & Survivor Pick


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Think about this for a second: We just enjoyed a wonderful week of NFL football and for the next 15 weeks you’ll get to enjoy NFL football at least three days every week. (Week 17 doesn’t have a Monday Night Football game, but that gets made up with Saturday games in Week 15 and 16.) I hope you enjoyed the first NFL Sunday as much as I did. It almost felt like Christmas. Posting up at the bar with wings, a cheesesteak, some beer, and seven TVs showing NFL games can make anybody smile. Sunday can’t come soon enough to do it all over again.

Survivor Pick of the Week:

NEW ORLEANS over Tampa Bay

Despite all the games last week being considered rather difficult for a survivor week, we emerged with only a couple light casualties. Those taking Seattle as a sizeable road favorite went home packing as did anyone who thought the Eagles could win in the Georgia dome. Things ease up as we move on to Week 2. I try not to jump to conclusions, but the Buccaneers clearly looked as bad as we expected them to look this season. Jameis Winston didn’t show well in his NFL opener and the defense looked as awful as it was last year. That bodes well for New Orleans, who comes into this game off a tough road loss to a quality Arizona group. The Saints don’t have the weapons of years past, but they’ll be able to effectively run the ball this week and shouldn’t see much resistance in the passing game either. Their defense is banged up, but even the return of Mike Evans won’t stop Tampa Bay’s offensive line from being a sieve. The Saints should win comfortably at home in this one.

Elsewhere you have a couple good teams heading on the road to play two of the league’s worst team. It’s tough for Baltimore to have to play in Oakland after playing in Denver last week, but the Raiders’ talent will make them feel better about the second long road trip. Miami’s offense was underwhelming last week, but it looked like the greatest show on turf compared to what the Jaguars put on the field. Miami should be able to go 2-0 after winning the battle of Florida. Something about me doesn’t trust Indianapolis completely because the Jets have the defense to stay in the contest. Pittsburgh also is in the same boat of trust since they’re missing pieces and San Francisco showed better than expected last Monday. They are, however, coming east on a short week.

Thursday Night Pick:

Denver +3 over KANSAS CITY

We spent all week discussing whether or not Peyton Manning is in the tank. It very well could be the case after what we saw last week. Pro Football Focus blames the offensive line, Manning dealing with a new offense, and Baltimore’s pass rush for Manning’s disappointing performance in Week 1. That all seems to make sense, but we can’t ignore the fact that Manning played poorly down the stretch last season and is 39-years old. Now it’s up to him to rebound against a Kansas City team who looked pretty good against Houston. Who knew the Chiefs would bring out such a prolific passing offense? They certainly have weapons with Maclin, Kelce, and Charles, but they dismantled Houston early and the Texans never recovered.

Houston’s defense is one of the league’s best, but it’s possible Denver could be the best in the league this year. Baltimore has clear flaws, but the Broncos completely down the Ravens. Remember it was them who won the game for Denver with the Aquib Talib interception return for a touchdown. Kansas City’s offensive line is a work in progress, so expect Denver to be chasing down Alex Smith all night long. Denver will focus on running the football when on offense because Houston saw some success. While there is a nice home-field advantage at Arrow Head Stadium, Denver should be able to win a low scoring contest with their defense leading the way.

J.Camm’s Pick: Denver

Last Week: 8-7-1
Season: 8-7-1
Locks: 2-1
Survivor: 1-0

JCamm: 6-9-1

(J.Camm’s Note: I fucking sucked last week. Blah blah blah it’s a long season. Blah blah blah it won’t happen again. Blah blah blah note over.)