The Amount Of Flow On The 2016 Minnesota High School All Hockey Hair Team Should Be Illegal

It’s here. Finally. The best part of high school sports each year: the Minnesota State High School All Hockey Hair Team. Been tickled with anticipation of this one since early February, no lie. Especially after last year’s strong showing. And this year’s team surely didn’t disappoint.

Just so much flow here. So much lettuce gracing the ice at this tournament it should be illegal. Do you know how damn hard these kids work on that hair? It’s a year round job, no doubt. All for the glory of being named to the squad. You only get four chances, after all.

Great to see a wonderful cause benefiting from the annual shenanigans, too. All around awesome stuff. And for what it’s worth, here’s every All Hockey Hair Team since the tradition began in 2011.

Flow envy at an all-time high right now.