Thoughts And Prayers With This Little Bro Who Got Truck Sticked Into Another Century Shagging Balls At The Home Run Derby

So that camera cut away real quick, but for real, that kid’s alright, right? Like I need clarification on that point, because from where I’m sitting, he just got knocked out cold by a much bigger (if not MiLB caliber?) dude, and damn, it was a crushing blow. Kid just wanted to shag a Carlos Gonzalez pop fly…

And look at this dude’s shit eating grin! Guy straight-up knew he trucked a 10-year-old in front of all of Petco Park.

Get well soon little bro*.

That said, crushing victory tonight by Giancarlo Stanton. Dude’s been unloading lately. Heck of an effort tonight.

(*Note: zero percent chance that poor kid’s playing baseball ever again. Either that, or he wins the Derby 12 years from now, and ESPN is already scripting a 30 For 30 about it.)

[h/t NY Daily News]