37.5 Is Offering Legal ‘Doping Kits’ To Tour de France Cyclists


When you think about it, every sport is a game of inches. That’s what drives athletes to risk everything, like the potential of being banned from a sport, for even a 3% increase in performance. That’s how desperate they are for an advantage.

Well, thanks to the folks at 37.5® Technology, cyclists have the opportunity to reap all the performance benefits of doping without doing anything illegal. For the 2018 Tour de France, 37.5® Technology is offering free Doping Kits to riders who want to pass the competition without risking their legacy and legality in the world of cycling.

These Doping Kits contain a cycling jersey, bibs, and socks with 37.5® Technology, the first passive cooling fabric technology proven to increase human performance and increase the body’s ability to manage core temperature.

Check out how 37.5 helps athletes perform at a higher level for longer periods of time:

“If we can convince even one clean athlete to start doping with our fabric technology, then it’s all been worth it.” said Dr. Greg Haggquist, CTO & Founder of Cocona Inc., parent company of 37.5® Technology

When it comes to those proven results, 37.5 has science on its side. A study at the University of Colorado showed that the 37.5® Technology fabric allowed an athlete to perform 26-28% longer because of slower temperature build up. That’s a significant impact when it comes to long, high-intensity cycling like the Tour de France – an event riddled with an ugly history of doping scandals.

Want to try a 37.5® Technology’s Doping Kit yourself? Keep an eye on their Instagram and StartDoping.com!