46-Year-Old Anderson Silva Beats Down And Clowns Former Champion Julio Cesar Chavez Jr In Boxing Match

46-year-old former UFC fighter Anderson Silva made his way to the boxing ring to face Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. in Mexico and won while impressing many watching at home.

For 8 rounds Silva pretty much dominated his fight against Chavez Jr. and even clowned the former boxing champ in vintage Anderson Silva fashion.

It was clear that Silva won most of the fight against a lethargic Chavez Jr but one judge somehow gave JCC the win on his scorecard. Thankfully the two other judges got the scores right and Silva was awarded the victory.

After the fight, Silva said that he was going to go home and talk to his team about his future in boxing but it’s pretty clear that Silva can hang with a lot of people in the ring after his impressive showing against Chavez Jr.

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