46-Year-Old Terrell Owens Runs A Blazing Fast 4.42 In 40-Yard Dash Race Against Chiefs’ Tyreek Hill

Youtube/Tyreek Hill

Terrell Owens is 46-years-old and hasn’t played pro football in 8 years but he’s still in pretty damn good shape for his age.

Earlier this week, Chiefs’ Tyreek Hill, who has been working out with Owens, said that he believed T.O. is currently faster than many wide receivers in the NFL despite his age.

On Tuesday, Owens made Hill look smart when he was filmed running a 4.42 in a 40-yard dash race.

The Internet was impressed with T.O. 40-yard dash and are now agreeing with Hill’s assessment about Owens running faster than many in the league.

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